How to Make Sure Your New Lawn Comes in Full

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Make Sure New Lawn Comes In

How to Make Sure Your New Lawn Comes in Full

Maintaining and nurturing a new lawn is much more difficult than the upkeep of a mature lawn.  When building a new home, you will also have a new lawn that will need to be maintained.  Here are a few items that will greatly increase the success of an overall healthier new yard.


    • Hoses (several will be needed)
    • Watering System
    • Sprinkler Heads

You will need to setup your hoses so that every section of the yard is reached.  Use the watering system to program the yard to be watered every morning (early) and every evening (late).  Each zone should be watered for about 20 minutes.  Continue this process for about 4-5 weeks to ensure full growth on your lawn.

Having a beautiful new yard is not hard but does require some attention.  For more information on how you can have your new lawn see one of our sales consultants.

~the Brennans

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