Product Feature: American Olean Ceramics

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American Olean Product Feature

Product Feature: American Olean Ceramics

American Olean ceramic tile is one of the most popular ceramics that we offer. American Olean prides themselves in servicing their customers through the quality of the product they produce.  They are committed to three key areas.

    • A better tile through technology: The tiles with Outstand Technology have a higher level for friction when wet, helping to keep you from slipping when the floor is wet.  These tiles also offer unparalleled surface-wear resistance to hide high traffic areas better.  Antimicrobial Protection is another feature of this tile that helps protect against stains and odor-causing bacteria.  These tiles are also made in the USA from recycled materials.
    • A commitment to green building:  American Olean has set a company-wide commitment to doing business in an environmentally responsible manner.  They have the highest level of recycled material content of any industry with more than 60%.  They are also the first porcelain tile to incorporate both pre- and post-consumer recycled material.
    • Being tougher than your toughest environment: Their new glaze technology provides an additional layer of durable, long lasting protection which keeps your tile cleaner between cleanings.  This layer of protection starts working the moment the tile is complete and does not require UV light to be effective like many of the other tiles.

For more information about American Olean or any of the other products we offer, see one of our sales consultants.

~the Brennans