Halloween Safety Tips for All

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Halloween is a fun holiday celebrated by many children throughout the US.  Unfortunately, it is also a dangerous holiday.  Children running around on the streets from one house to the next to find the perfect treat.  This can make for a very dangerous evening, more than twice as many children are hit by cars on trick-r-treat evening than any other evening throughout the entire year.  Please make sure you and your children follow a few simple safety guidelines to help make Halloween a happier time for all!!

  • Costume Designs: Purchase or make costumes that are light and bright enough to be clearly visible to motorists.
  • Treats: Warn children not to eat any treats before an adult has carefully examined them for evidence of tampering.
  • Pedestrian Safety: Young children should always be accompanied by an adult or an older, responsible child. All children should WALK, not run from house to house and use the sidewalk if available, rather than walk in the street. Children should be cautioned against running out from between parked cars, or across lawns and yards where ornaments, furniture, or clotheslines present dangers.
  • Choosing Safe Houses: Children should go only to homes where the residents are known and have outside lights on as a sign of welcome.

For more helpful safety tips for Halloween, visit www.cpsc.com, the US Consumer Product Safety Home.

~the Brennans