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Smooth vs Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring

Category: Tips

We’ve all seen what a smooth hardwood floor looks like. The flooring can come in variety of widths, stains colors and possibly even different edge bevels on the floor boards. But the primary floor is smooth. Smooth flooring can come prefinished or unfinished with the sanding, stain and finished applied on-site.

But relatively new to the scene is hand-scraped hardwood flooring. Hand-scraped flooring adds a depth dimension to the flooring; giving the flooring a more lived-in or rustic appearance. Hand-scraped flooring is generally used to refer to both authentic hand-scraped flooring and also machine-scraped flooring. As you probably guessed authentic hand-scraped flooring is produced by people actually scraping the floor boards during the manufacturing process to produce the unique gouges in the floor boards; whereas machine-scraped flooring is produced by machines trying to replicate what a human would do. Different manufacturers have different techniques to produce the machine-scraped flooring. So look carefully at the flooring samples to be sure you like the type of scraping that is being produced.

Whether the flooring is authentic hand-scraped or machine-scraped the finished floor will have a rougher texture with more depth than a smooth hardwood floor. This texture is often used to create a more comfy or homey feel than smooth flooring. And hand-scraped flooring usually works well with earth-tone décor.

Hand-scraped flooring has both advantages and disadvantages. Dents such as from items dropped on the floor or gouges from pets are less noticeable on a hand-scraped floor than a smooth floor. However refinishing a hand-scraped floor is not possible without turning the hand-scraped floor in to a smooth floor. Also hand-scraped flooring can cost more than smooth; especially if the hand-scraping is authentic rather than machine-scraped.

So whatever flooring you choose, smooth or hand-scraped, many great options exist to match the décor of your new home. Be sure to look at samples of the products and if possible see larger installed samples to really appreciate how the product will look in your home.

~the Brennans