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Adding a Personal Touch to Your New Home’s Design

Posted on October 15, 2018 | Build Process

First of all, congratulations! If you’re building a house, that means you’re one step closer to living in a dream home. Building a custom-designed home comes with a lot of challenges, especially early on. Not only is there extensive budget planning and vetting contractors, but you also need to decide on the layout and size….

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5 Ways New Homes Help Conserve Energy in the Summer

Posted on June 19, 2018 | Build Process

Summer’s finally rolling around, and we all know what that means: crazy high energy bills from blasting the A/C. But if you’re living in a home built within the last few years, those costs may not actually be so high. Did you know that newer homes tend to be more energy efficient? This is true…

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Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Plan

Posted on April 13, 2018 | Build Process, Floor Plans, Tips

The process of choosing the design for building a new home is exciting but can also be overwhelming. There are lots of decisions to make that will have a lasting impact. As you browse the home designs, here are some tips for choosing the right floor plan. Make sure it measures up. You might have…

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Understanding home insulation

Posted on December 13, 2017 | Build Process, Tips

Every homeowner knows that insulating a home is important for comfort and energy efficiency. But it’s equally important to understand how home insulation works so you ensure you’re taking the right steps to effectively prevent the swap of interior and exterior temperatures. Insulation provides resistance to heat flow. Heat flow is the movement of warm…

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Home energy efficiency ratings, explained.

Posted on September 19, 2017 | Build Process

Energy efficiency is one of the top priorities for homeowners. No one wants to waste energy (or money) on a home, appliances, or systems when there are ways to avoid it. You’ve probably seen many of the ratings systems and codes tossed around, but do you know what they mean? Here’s a quick guide to…

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Thinking About Building?

Posted on September 14, 2015 | Build Process

Thinking About Building? Have you been thinking about building a new home and not quite sure where to start?  We have the answer for you.  We’ve written a planning guide to help answer many of the questions and concerns we hear from homebuyers every day.  If you are interested in learning more and getting our…

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Building exterior walls with rigid foam insulation

Posted on August 17, 2015 | Build Process, Products

The most effective exterior wall construction to protect a home from moisture, air infiltration and energy loss includes a layer of rigid foam installation on the exterior of the wall surface. Studs account for nearly 25 percent of the wall surface and without rigid foam installation on the exterior a condition known as thermal bridging…

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Selections Made Easy!!

Posted on July 31, 2015 | Build Process, Home Studio

We’ve built a 5000 square foot Home Studio to make the selection process easy.  We truly believe that building a new home should be FUN and EASY!! We’ve heard too many people say how painful building a new home was and we don’t ever want to hear that.  So we have gone a step beyond most…

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Advantages of Building with a Housewrap

Posted on March 20, 2015 | Build Process, Products

Advantages of Building with a Housewrap The first question you might be asking is: what is a housewrap? Housewrap is a synthetic material used to cover the exterior of a house before the final exterior wall finish is applied. Some of the common product names that you may have seen are Tyvek®, WEATHERMATETM and GreenGuard….

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